What we do

Record. Edit. Mix

Using our affiliated Manhattan studios, we're able to set up your attended record & mix sessions where it's convenient for YOU (Midtown, Flatiron, Soho)! 

In addition, we're able to offer budget-concious unattended records, edits, builds and mixes, by working remotely, saving you time and money. 

Need us to come to you?  No problem! We'll come either on-site to a location, or to your office. 

Remote Connect
We're ready to connect to other studios within the US or around the world with either Source Connect, or Zoom (or equivalent) and local record. Ask us about great deals we have with affiliate studios in both LA and Chicago! 

Sound Design
Our immense SFX library and our comfort with foley work is the basis for all of our sound design, whether it's simple editorial or immersive sonic environments!



We're ready to cast your next voice talent! We work with many talent agencies in town, both union and non-union.



We have tight connections with multiple music houses, and can help you facilitate a simple music search and license or a full blown composition.

Audio Post Production